Our Philosophy

The company Logos2Learn is based on a strategy tripod, which expresses its philosophy and mission, even with its brand name, by combining three main elements:

  • Logos (Greek: lógos): it states the reason, the expectation which gives a specific form and meaning to things.

  • 2: it states the collaboration, the vital and supportive power of a team of things and especially of people, which is stronger than the overal force that develops when someone works alone. Besides, according to the chinese culture: “good things come in pairs”.

  • Learn (in Greek: μαθαίνω) meaning acquiring and increasing knowledge or skill in a subject or activity.

In Logos2Learn, which has been founded by Adamantia Spanaka (M.Ed, Ph.D), we count on the principles of adult education and digital (distance) learning so that we can implement together your reason (logos) to learn.

Our Mission

Learning and efficiency, meaning the competency of adult learners in learning, are at the heart of our philosophy because that’s the goal of our mission, which refers to the tripod:

  • Disign and implementation of in-person and online educational workshops in the field of Humanities and Social Science, but also in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as far as it concerns the lifelong learning and the intra-corporate development of workforce, which includes the educational preparation and the evaluation of the staff for a variety of working positions.

  • Provision of distance (online) research and innovation services and activities in the field of designing and developing educational material, printed or digital.

  • Participation in national and european theoretical and experimental projects in the field of digital learning and adult education.

What the learners say about Adamantia:

We are here to learn, to become better, to ‘freshen up’ the school practice and you are always helping us to accomplish that.

  • Sofia Davalia, Teacher

The field of education needs people like you, because you are trully practicing a vocation, not just a job. I am really impressed by your dilligence, your knowledge, your passion for what you are doing and your quality in general.

  • Ioanna Florou, Teacher

With the help of your punctuality, your effective feedback, your helpful conversation and your encouragement, your guidance was really essential and important to us.

  • Evagelatou Dimitra & Karahaliou Anna, Nurses

You are the ideal teacher and I will always remember you when I am in the classroom and I need to stand in front of my students, while I will be walking with them.

  • Koubarou Violetta, Beautician – Cosmetologist (TEI of Athens)