Magic exists

It is in the classrooms, the moment when a good Teacher, who has practiced in order to develop his “supernatural” powers and abilities, acts upon his students (of any age) positively, while he influences them and supports them, making them believe that they can do anything.
There is, however, black magic too. In which the teacher is bad, careless, boring, monotonous, “colorless”. Nevertheless, the students are clever, thus, they recognise his kind quickly and they avoid him as much as possible. Noone wants his teaching methods. Neither do we.

Experiential Workshop “Microteaching – The Art of Teaching”

The company Logos2Learn organises the Educational Experiential Workshop in Microteaching, arranged entirely on the system of Stanford University, which is the founder of Microteaching and is also adapted to the principles of adult learning.
The scope of this Experiential Workshop in Microteaching is the adoption of the best educational behaviour and practice of everything that they aim towards:

  • Certifying their Teaching Proficiency through the System of Certification for Adult Trainers (National Organisation for the Certification and Vocational Guidance - EOPPEP).

  • Developing teaching abilities, so they can evolve into effective executives for companies and organisations in the field of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning.

  • Acquiring a contemporary educational identity as pedagogues, trainers of every educational grade, consultants of designing and developping educational programmes and employees in education sector.

Didactical Methodology of the Experiential Workshop “Microteaching –
The Art of Teaching”

The Experiental Workshop “Microteaching – The Art of Teaching” follows the enriched microteaching system of Stanford University. Τhis system is totally successful and effective, as it follows specific steps in theory, action and self-reflection, which are completely in agreement with the principles of adult learning.


Workshop Schedule

First Phase (Total Duration:
4 hours of digital learning)

The online learning course, created by Adamantia Spanaka, will give to the participants a short, but inclusive clarification of general theory of Microteaching according to:

  • the EOPPEP template, enriched by Logos2Learn for better understanding,

  • the principles of modern didactics,

  • the creative aspects of educational Information and Communications Technology.

The tutor will support participants to choose the suitable content for the microteaching that they will plan.

Second Phase (Total Duration: 6 hours =
5 hours of face-to-face + 1 hour of digital learning)

A week later, a decent period for every trainee to design his 20 minutes long microteaching, the whole team of participants is tested in practice, exactly the way it is done during the practical part of the EOPPEP exams. That means one trainee (the teacher) will be teaching and the other participants will be playing the role of the team of adult learners. Every Microteaching will be videotaped, so that the teacher can have an image of his verbal and non-verbal behaviour.
A critical discussion follows by the supervisor of the microteaching with the teacher and the members of the team of adult learners. Written feedback will be provided for the improvement of this first teaching attempt. Every participant also gets a digital storage device, containing his videotaped microteaching so that (s)he could further observe it at home.

Third Phase (Total Duration:
5 hours of face-to-face meeting)

A week after the first implementation of microteaching, the Workshop participants are gathered again for the repetition of the process, which also includes besides the application, the stages of self-reflexion and feedback, so that the best educational behaviour and action can be achieved. The repetition of the microteaching is videotaped again, and is handed to every participant, in order for the self-reflexion and mainly for the level of self-knowledge and confidence to be enriched.


Structure of the Participants Team in the Experiential Workshop

In order for this shape of theory, action and self-reflexion to work effectively in the “Microteaching-The Art of Teaching” Workshop will participate exclusively 6 people. In other way the interaction and self-reflexion will be actually limited and, finally, insufficient.

Venue and Date

The Workshop will be hosted in a luxury, modern and fully equipped venue, at the center of Piraeus, just 10 minutes walk from the central railway station, with convinient free parking space.

“Microteaching – The Art of Teaching” Workshop Registration Fees

Regular: 120€ Reduced: 100€ (Members of Logos2Learn) The registration fees includes workshop materials and coffee breaks.

Cancellation Policy

  • The downpayment or the whole amount cannot be returned in case of cancelation by you.

  • If for any reason Logos2Learn cancel the Workshop, the money will be returned in full.